With more drivers making the switch to hybrids and EVs each year, the future of automobility looks electric. And Ford is diving in headfirst, offering a varied and growing lineup of hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and all-electric (EV) models. Compared to the traditional combustion engine, these alternative-energy vehicle options offer increased fuel economy, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and, in the case of pure EVs, a significant reduction in maintenance costs. And then there are the other benefits like typically faster acceleration and reduced noise pollution.

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Ford Hybrid and Electric Models

Full Hybrid

Ford offers three types of battery-powered/assisted powertrains. The standard or full hybrid combines a combustion engine with an electric motor that functions as a generator when decelerating (regenerative braking). When you press the brake, the motor harvests energy that typically dissipates in normal cars and stores it in a small battery. That energy is then used to help the vehicle accelerate from a stop. Additionally, some full hybrids can operate in electric-only mode, but only for short distances or low speeds. Available Ford hybrid models include:

  • Ford Escape(available on SE and SEL; standard on Titanium)
  • Ford Explorer(available on Limited and Platinum)
  • Ford F-150 PowerBoost(available across the lineup)
  • Ford Maverick (standard)

Plug-in Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid functions similarly to a full hybrid; however, the battery pack and motor are significantly larger charged from an external power supply. Due to the larger capacity and greater output, PHEVs can travel at normal speeds for 20-40 miles or more using only electricity. Currently, Ford's only plug-in hybrid model is the Ford Escape. Available in SE, SEL, and Titanium trim levels, the Escape PHEV boasts an estimated 37 miles of electric-only range. Charging takes 10-11 hours with a standard household-style power outlet and less than 3.5 hours with a Level 2 home charger, allowing you to charge overnight and possibly enjoy weeks of emissions-free commutes.

Electric Vehicles

As the name suggests, EVs get their power from electricity only. They need much less maintenance than combustion engines and are more environmentally friendly throughout their lifespan, from mining the raw materials until the vehicle is finally decommissioned. In addition to costing less per mile than gas-powered vehicles, EVs can apply 100% torque instantly for quicker acceleration. Ford EV models include:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E (available now)
  • Ford F-150 Lightning (arriving for 2022)
  • Ford E-Transit (arriving for 2022)

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